¡PESTES! (2011)

This project studies, through design interventions, the relationship hospitality-hostility from a biological perspective. It proposes radios that function in symbiosis with a given ecosystem, creating scenarios where these symbiotic relationships engage in forms of: mutualism, commensalism or parasitism.

Further details of this project can be found in Devices. On Hospitality, Hostility and Design. See section entitled “Devising”.

Project in collaboration with Leonardo López. Photographs by Martín Avila, Diego Combina and Natalia Pittau.

Supported by IASPIS, the Lars Hierta Minne, and the Designfakulteten.


pestes-1 avila-pestes-parasitismo1

Parasitic radio.

pestes-2 avila-pestes-parasitismo2

Terminal of the parasitic radio, two piercing pieces puncture two of the four cables of the network.

pestes-3 avila-pestes-parasitismo3

Terminal of the parasitic radio, hold together by magnetism, two piercing pieces puncture two of the four cables of the network.

pestes-4 avila-pestes-comensalismo1

Commensalistic radio.

pestes-5 avila-pestes-comensalismo2

Kite detail, commensalistic radio.

pestes-6 avila-pestes-commensalism4-photo-martin-avila

Kite detail, circuit board and flapping “wings” that generate energy through piezo-electric technology.
Commensalistic radio.

pestes-7 avila-pestes-mutualismo2

Mutualistic radio.

pestes-8 avila-pestes-mutualismo1

A fish (Serrasalmus spilopleura) feeds on and generates energy. Mutualistic radio.

pestes-9 Dieco57

Terminals, mutualistic radio.

pestes-10 avila-pestes-mutualism3-photo-martin-avila

The terminals of the mutualistic radio are made of six pyramids of balanced food for Serrasalmus spilopleura.

pestes-11 palometas

Serrasalmus spilopleura. Below, afected by a fungus.


On the mutualism of the radio in relation to its ecologic complexity at alternative scales.

pestes-13 Dieco69

Detail. Interior of mutualistic radio.

pestes-14 Dieco122

Detail. Interior of commensalistic radio.

pestes-15 avila-pestes-comensalismo3

Magnetic kite reel. Commensalistic radio.

pestes-16 Dieco141

Commensalistic radio.

pestes-17 Dieco38

Interior, parasitic radio.

pestes-18 DSC-0063

Parasitic radio.

pestes-19 DSC-0073

Terminal, parasitic radio.

pestes-20 latin-name

Exhibition detail. The radios where given names according to Linnaean taxonmy to create associations with the
world of living or natural species.

pestes-21 final foto 114

Staging. Parasitic radio.

pestes-22 final foto 62

Staging. Parasitic radio.