In his book The three ecologies, Félix Guattari sketches an ecosophy, which is composed of three ecologies: a psychological ecology, a social ecology and an environmental ecology. These three interdependent domains prefigure a knowledge strategy that stresses the need for an on-going interdisciplinary approach to conceive ecological complexity. Partly, what this project tries to make explicit and understand are not only the ethical implications but also the aesthetic dimension of this conception, that is, the ontological role of humans in our understanding of ecological issues.

Originally designed as a commission, intended as an interactive exhibition item for people to familiarise themselves with some of the ecological implications of using (through whole life cycles) everyday items such as a cotton t-shirt.

Project in collaboration with Ramia Mazé and John Carpenter.

Supported by IASPIS.


3e-1 through3E-glowy3

Visualization of the combined three ecologies and lifecycle(s) diagram for a cotton T-Shirt. Background image generated and animated through Processing. Text and images provide a narrative and data at key points. An explanation of the tripartite ecological reasoning is attached onto each space-time position in the diagram.

3e-2 blocks-to-blur
3e-5 product-modelling
3e-7 3e-models
3e-8 through3E-lens